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Ep. 01 vBlog - We Were Lost!

Punta Ventana - Guayanilla, Puerto Rico Feb.05.19

So… to clarify; we knew where the rock was, (how could we miss it?) but we couldn’t find the path way to get on top. Before we started our quest, we met a ranger who happened to be nearby. He told us of an “easier path way” to get on top of the rocky cliff called Punta Ventana which literally translated from Spanish means Window Peak.

We took the ranger’s advice and started off fine until the footway disappeared with the wilderness. It was mid-day so you can imagine how harsh was the sun at that time. We went under branches, walked on muddy terrain, went in circles a couple of times; until we ended back in our truck after not having success in locating this “easier route” we were told of. Luckily, we had put on sun-block and brought plenty of water which we drank completely to not have a heat stroke.

Once we got back to the truck, we stayed inside with the air-conditioning on high for a while and decided to try it once more by crossing straight through the beach. To our knowledge, it’s the only correct way to get to that particular mountain top. From the beach, getting onto the top is about a 15-minute hike which is not bad at all.

However, none of this would had been possible, if it’s not thanks to the amazing people of Tropical Fruit Co. who granted us access through they’re most beautiful mango tree farm. We had no idea such a beautiful place existed in Puerto Rico. We instantly feel in love with they’re land and definitely hope we can visit this hidden treasure again one day.

Be sure to see the photos and video below!

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